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Jeremy Lin gives his views on Chinese NBA hopefuls

Chinese player Zhou Qi accounted for 17 points, seven rebounds and three blocks as Houston Rockets beat the Brooklyn Nets 109-102 in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas on Wednesday,

The Nets’ point guard Jeremy Lin was by the court watching the game and was interviewed by Shen Yang of Tencent Sports about the game.

Shen Yang: The Nets have Yuta Watanabe while the Rockets have Zhou Qi in today’s game, what do you think after watching the first half?

Jeremy Lin: They both played well and I’m glad to see that. I wanted to see how Zhou played last year but he did not get many opportunities with the Rockets then. So I was really looking forward to his performance.

Shen: Ding Yanyuhang could not play in the Summer League. I heard that you texted to encourage him.

Lin: I was really looking forward to seeing him on the court. We trained together in Brooklyn, he came to my house for dinner. I was hoping he could get a chance to show his talents and skills. I also watched his games last year; he is an NBA-level player.

Shen: What can you tell about Yuta Watanabe? What’s his position in the Nets? Will he get a good chance in NBA or G-League?

Lin: He did a good job and he’s one of the best three players in this year’s Summer League. As a stretch-four, he understood his style and could get an opportunity.

Shen: What do you think of more and more Asian players attending the Summer League?

Lin: I’m happy about it. When I was playing in the Summer League, people would often notice a Chinese player was in the court, playing basketball. Now with so many more Asian players joining me, people seemed to get used to it. It’s a good thing.

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