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Xi Jinping: How to Read Confucius and Other Chinese Classical Thinkers

In the past two years, Xi Jinping, in significant domestic and international speeches, has often quoted Chinese classics or the proverbs of other countries to reinforce his important points and demonstrate his disciplined pursuit of wisdom. These quotations contain profound philosophy and radiate the ray of intelligence.

This new collection, Xi Jinping: How to Read Confucius and Other Chinese Classical Thinkers, lists over 200 classical quotations and reflects the achievements of Xi Jinping's extensive reading and diligent studies.

Readers will find this book is divided between general themes (National Governance, Self-Cultivation, Foreign Affairs, etc.) and with a classical quotation on the theme, Xi's use of the quote, an explanation of his meaning on its use, as well as the work from which the original quote came from, the original text, and a short biography of the author. The author Zhang Fenzhi also provides an analysis of the use of the quote in the context of its historical meaning providing an explanation of Xi's use and meaning.

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